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New Management Tool Available to CGCOA Members for FREE

The California Golf Course Owners Association (CGCOA) announced today a unique sponsorship commitment by The ORCA Report to provide a new and necessary management tool to its members. The ORCA Report measures four key performance indicators for each course – Occupancy, RevPAR (Revenue Per Available Round), Channel Distribution (walk-in, website, call center, third-party, etc.), and Average Rate – and allows the courses to see confidential comparisons to other ORCA subscribers, most importantly those within their local market. Additionally, this report provides data across four time dimensions including month to date, year to date, running three months and running 12 months.

The ORCA Report Level I, without ‘self-selected’ comp set data, is provided FREE to all CGCOA members as a benefit of membership. Additionally, members can upgrade to enhanced reporting at a discounted price. This upgrade not only includes all elements of The ORCA Report, but also the ability to compare to a ‘self-selected’ set of competitive courses, see data broken down by day and day-part and see actual barter opportunity cost as well as other unique, valuable pieces of data developed for the golf industry by ORCA.

“The ORCA Report is exactly what the golf course owners need to help them manage their green fee revenue more effectively,” said Mike Loustalot, founder of The ORCA Report. “There is no substitute for the ability to compare your rounds and revenue performance with your competitors in a complete and confidential way for the purpose of driving more revenue. We’re pleased to have this opportunity to work with CGCOA to provide this valuable tool to their members and to help them grow their membership.”

As a benefit to the CGCOA, non-members who subscribe to either Level II or Level III of the report receive an annual membership to the organization, a $520 value.

“I don’t know of anyone with more experience in the tee-time marketing business than Mike Loustalot,” said Marc Connerly, Executive Director of the CGCOA. “His 25-year career has provided him with the ability to cut through all of the noise in this space to build a reporting platform that provides actionable insights to golf course owners. This is a game-changer, and we look forward to working with Mike and his team to grow our membership base and educate our members.”

The ORCA Report more than fills the void left by the recent departure of PerformanceTrak, the PGA rounds reporting mechanism, providing much more detailed, useful and relevant information than PerformanceTrak did.

“As a golf course owner and operator, I am looking forward to participating in this program and receiving The ORCA Report,” said Ron Zraick, CGCOA President and General Manager of Cinnabar Hills Golf Club in San Jose. “The information in this report will benefit our industry as a whole and those who operate and manage golf courses. The hotel industry has had a similar report, with broad participation by its members, for many years. I hope that my colleagues in the California golf industry recognize the benefit of participating in this program and the value of the information they will receive.”

The California Golf Course Owners Association is dedicated to the enhancement of the business of our member courses, providing our members with the latest information and resources to allow them to be successful. Currently, approximately 250 of the top golf course owners and operators in California are members of CGCOA. More information may be found at

The ORCA Report is a rounds, revenue, barter benchmarking report designed to help golf course operators better understand the relationship between their customer, technology/marketing partner and competitor. Modeled after similar reports in the lodging industry, ORCA – an acronym for Occupancy, RevPAR, Channel Mix and Average Rate – provides subscribers the ability to compare their four important key performance indicators to that of their competitors in a confidential way. The ORCA team possesses more than 100 years of combined experience with tee time technology and marketing practices, providing them with the unique capability to provide this needed service to the golf industry. Founded in 2016, the mission of The ORCA Report is to be the trusted data provider for golf course owners and operators, furnishing them with accurate numbers which help bring clarity to the relationship with their golfers, technology/marketing partners and competitors.