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November 14, 2016



Service helps explain performance with data from a trusted, independent source

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Mike Loustalot, co-founder and president of ORCA, announced recently the launch of a new technology platform to help golf course owners and operators leverage data being captured in their electronic tee sheets to measure performance, calculate the ROI of Third Party marketing relationships, and confidentially compare performance to a “self-selected” competitive set of golf courses.

“Every golf course owner and operator needs to know that decisions being made about their individual tee time inventory are based on fact, not fiction,” said Loustalot, a 30-year veteran in the golf technology industry.  “The best way to do this is by comparisons based on trusted data collected electronically, and validated from the tee sheet.”

ORCA is an acronym for:

  • Occupancy
  • Revenue per Available Round
  • Channel Mix
  • Average Revenue per Round

These represent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are useful to golf operators in this competitive age and helps explain performance to managers, company executives and owners with data from a trusted, independent source.

Loustalot and his team has been researching and working with electronic tee sheets, point of sale systems and the operations that surround tee time marketing for three decades.

“We learn more every day and are eager to help the golf course owner and operator make better, data-driven decisions based on the business intelligence platform that ORCA has created,” said Loustalot.

Loustalot was instrumental in creating the business model, the technology platform and the sales and marketing strategies that became

“We are helping golf course owners and operators bring clarity to their barter relationships. We can clearly show where the barter rounds impact the tee sheet.  Also, ORCA clearly shows days and times ORCA RELEASE where the 3rd Party paid rounds are played, helping the golf course operator manage the relationship with more confidence,” said Loustalot.


“The ORCA Report has helped our facility managers drive more green fee revenue to our golf course owners,” said Phil Green, Chief Operating Officer of OB Sports, a leading golf course management company.  “We’ve used the findings in the report to modify our barter relationships, reducing the impact barter has on our paid rounds.  And, the day, daypart, rate group analysis has allowed our managers to fine tune our pricing strategies based on what we now know about the performance of the competitive set of golf courses.  The ORCA Report is a game-changer and long overdue.”

Monthly, ORCA produces a series of detailed reports driven from individual golf course data for courses to use as a management tool.  This report is similar to a set of data that has been used successfully in the hotel industry for 30 years – the STAR Report.


ORCA measures four KPIs:

  • Occupancy – the number of rounds sold as a percentage of rounds capacity
  • Revenue per Available Round – the capture of revenue as a percentage of capacity
  • Channel Mix – where your rounds come from, including direct to you, your website, third party resellers, call center, barter, etc.
  • Average Rate per Round – the average rate you are achieving based on daily sales

The KPIs are measure in four different time dimensions:

  • Current Month
  • Year to Date
  • Trailing 3 Months
  • Trailing 12 Months

Then, they provide blind data on a set of competitors selected by the golf course. This is presented as an average of competitive courses and ranked against the selected course’s KPIs.


Privacy and security are paramount throughout this process. A confidentiality agreement is signed with each participating golf course taking every precaution necessary to protect private information. ORCA only reports on aggregate golf course data and deploys strict standards so that every golf course’s data is handled responsibly.

The more courses that confidentially share data with ORCA the more powerful golf course owners and operators become.  In just a few months, ORCA is being used by nearly 200 golf courses in the Southwest, Northwest and Midwest.


Currently, there are four levels of reporting starting with a complimentary report just for submitting data to three different levels based on operator’s needs from $49-$149 per month.  For more information, visit the ORCA website,, or contact Mike Loustalot at