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Golf Benchmarking: A Golf Revenue Management Tool

Monthly, we produce a series of detailed reports driven from your data for you to use as a management tool. The ORCA Report measures:

  • 4 Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
    • Occupancy – the number of rounds sold as a percentage of rounds capacity
    • Revenue per Available Round – the capture of revenue as a percentage of capacity
    • Channel Mix – where your rounds come from, including direct to you, your website, third party resellers, call center, barter, etc.
    • Average Rate per Round – the average rate you are achieving based on daily sales
  • 4 Different Time Dimensions
    • Current Month
    • Year to Date
    • Trailing 3 Months
    • Trailing 12 Months
  • Competitive Set – We provide blind data on a set of 4 competitors that you select. This is presented as an average of competitive courses and ranked against your course for all KPIs.

Current Month Performance

Golf benchmark for golf industry statistics as a golf revenue management tool by the ORCA Report